MESADA ensures:
  •  real-time visibility of the manufacturing processes to support global coordination
  • complete traceability of products through their lifecycles
  • high quality and reducing variation through corrective actions that identify defective products
  • plant performance and profitability
  •  high productivity and use of resources and assets 

Production planning
Manages the flow of production in the form of jobs, orders, lots and work orders by dispatching produstion to specific equipment and personel. Provide decision suport to improve plant productivity.
Quality Management
Provides real-time measurment collected from manufacturing to assure proper product quality control and to indentify problems.
Data Colection and Acquisition
Import production and parametric data associated with production eqipament and process.
Production tracking and Genealogy
Provide real-time status of production, personnel, materials. Includes recording of production to allow forward and backward traceability
Performance Analysis
High definition visibility of actual manufacturing operations results along wiht comparison to past and expected results.
Maintenance Management
Ensure equipment and tools availability for manufacturing. Include scheduling for periodic or preventive maintenance. Maintain history of past events to aid diagnosing problems.
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